Real Estate Development

On-Call Construction Management Services for Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

Camden, New Jersey

Project Overview

Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP) is a nonprofit corporation based in Camden, New Jersey. Since its inception in 1984, the CFP’s mission has been to facilitate the revival of the City of Camden as a place where people choose to live, work, visit, and invest. To reach this goal, the CFP contracted MFS Construction to implement redevelopment plans for the City of Camden. MFS’ management capabilities were utilized for individual projects on an as-needed basis. Projects completed included infrastructure upgrades to existing roads, construction of public parks, and new waterfront real estate development.

Camden, New Jersey

Project Details

During the various projects our responsibilities included the coordination of monthly construction meetings, monitoring of contractor performance, review of submittals including shop drawings, management of material submissions, preparation of necessary change orders, review of contractor’s applications for payment, and other typical construction management tasks. Regular inspection services provided during construction were also included in the scope of our work. The implementation of an on-site inspection plan, the maintenance of a work log and use of photography aided in documenting and managing each project’s progress.

During the construction phase of each project, MFS maintained a full time, qualified field representative. This representative, along with the oversight of a Project Executive and the support of office engineering and administrative staff, managed individual projects by utilizing a proactive coordination approach. MFS ensured that the contractors frequently and accurately updated their project schedules. Providing detailed contractor construction schedule oversight aided in project coordination and the mitigation of delay claims against The Partnership.


  • Owner:
    Coopers Ferry Partnership

Services Provided

  • We have extensive experience providing construction management services to the construction industry in the public and private market sectors to a diverse clientele, including developers, state and government agencies, architects, engineers, and contractors. ​Our multiple discipline expertise and leading edge in-house professional technical ability enables us to offer invaluable solutions to our diverse client needs.