Sullivan County Public Safety - Rock Hill Tower

Thompson, New York

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC (MFS) was contracted by Sullivan County Public Safety to provide geotechnical drilling services in support of the Sullivan County Public Safety – Rock Hill Tower Project.

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Thompson, New York

Project Details

The County of Sullivan, New York was upgrading the County’s public safety ratio system. As part of the upgrade, the County desired to carry out a field subsurface investigation for the development of foundation designs and geotechnical engineering recommendations for a new communication tower in the Town of Thompson, New York.

MFS conducted a subsurface investigation consisting of four (4) Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings to depths ranging from 24 to 27 feet below grade. Upon the completion of two (2) of the test borings, MFS installed 24 feet of Eritech 5/8-inch/10 mil plating thickness copper-bonded ground rods in each borehole. Prior to mobilization for the subsurface investigation, MFS obtained a New York One-Call to mark all public utilities within the area of the borings. In addition, MFS reviewed available records of existing private utilities at the project site to ensure that the borings were completed at a safe distance from existing utilities.

The four (4) SPT borings at the project site were completed as follows:

• Two (2) geotechnical test borings just outside of the footprint of the proposed self-support communication tower. The two (2) borings were completed to depths of 26 and 27 feet below grade. Upon completion of the borehole ground rods were installed inside the completed borehole.

• Two (2) geotechnical test borings within the footprint of the proposed self-support communication tower foundation.


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    Sullivan County

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