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USACE Las Americas Bridges Geotechnical Investigation Phase 2

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Overview

MFS Construction, LLC (MFS) provided subsurface investigation services for the Phase 2 scope of work to the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) included an additional borings at Las Americas Expressway (PR-18) Bridges, Access Ramps, Piero Avenue (PR-17) Bridges, Access Ramps, and at Rio Puerto Nuevo Chanel.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Details

The geotechnical investigation included 100-ft deep SPT borings with continuous sampling for the upper 50-ft then sampling at 5-ft intervals. During each boring, samples were obtained via Cone Penetration Test (CPT). The borings were carried out on the bridges at the intersection of PR-18 with PR-17 and their respective ramps, as well as bridges on PR-18 between the exits from PR-17 & Ave. Domenech. Some were carried out next to the basin of the Rio Puerto Nuevo Channel.

More than 100 laboratory tests were performed on the samples obtained, including tests such as Gradation Test, Atterberg Limits, CU Triaxial, UU Triaxial, and Consolidation.

In addition, MFS provided 20 pavement cores at 6” dia., and 24” long. A hollow stem auger was used for bulk sampling, 5’ below pavement. DCP testing was done on all 20 samples.


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