USDOT VOLPE Trolley Track Repair and Maintenance

Lowell, MA

Project Overview

Lowell, MA

Project Details

MFS Construction (MFS) was contracted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to provide maintenance and repair services in support of renovation work required to restore the Lowell National Historic Parks’ trolley tracks. The project goals included replacing deteriorated rail ties, rails, spikes, ballast, sub-base, and switches. In addition, MFS installed a new drainage structure and pavement adjacent to the new tracks to round out the restoration.

Due to the historic nature of the project, MFS engaged in vibration monitoring, optical displacement monitoring, and utilized GPR to monitor the conditions of nearby historical structures in real time throughout construction. MFS managed the project to the construction using the critical path scheduling method. The team utilized past experience and expertise in transportation and sitework to reduce the overall project schedule by accelerating the construction phase. MFS was responsible for contract administration, cost management, risk analysis and prevention, management of subcontractors, providing inspection, and reports of work in progress.

During the construction phase of the project, MFS was responsible for all project management, construction, quality, and scheduling. MFS provided full time, on- site certified personnel to perform functions such as record keeping, schedule monitoring, document control, financial management, construction inspections, safety monitoring and closeout/ commissioning. MFS frequently administered bi-weekly progress meetings with the USDOT, National Parks Service, and subcontractors to ensure the expeditious progression of the project.


  • Owner:
    US Department of Transportation

Services Provided

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